Information for Sponsors

Community Radio has evolved to keep the local community up to date

Being a sponsor is your way of not only supporting your community radio station, but also a unique message to your community. Social media is one of the biggest means of marketing, and as our newspaper reduces further, airways get jammed and digital radio gets larger.

Here at PulseFM Radio, we are on the spot when events are happening in the Hawkesbury, well skilled community volunteers know what you want and need communicated in times of natural disasters, all know that the Hawkesbury has more than its fair share. We deliver on the mark and updates 24/7 as they come to hand, chatting to the people in the community.

Its all here at PulseFM Radio, news, events, weather, highlighting shows, broadcasting directly from your event or in the streets chatting to store owner… we are there and YOU.

Being onboard as a sponsor, means you travel with us offering you more coverage than just tradition radio. Your ads being fed though our station to the community 24 hours a day 7 days a week, no other station offer such continual continuity.

We have different packages for your needs. Or maybe there is a program you would like to sponsor message us and we will be right back to you.